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The ultimative StadiumADS guide. Here you will find all the important information about how you use the digital sports marketing tool StadiumADS.


Visit and click on “Start Now” in the upper right corner or simply enter into your browser’s search bar. Both options will take you to the login page.

Your Account

Create Your Account

On the login page, click on “Create new account”. In the next step you will be asked to provide more details about yourself. We need this data to create your account. Your first name, last name, company as well as your eMail and a password of your choice are mandatory fields. Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one digit. After you have filled in your personal information, click on “Register”.

Confirm Your Account

Data security is very important to us. Therefore, we have chosen a double-opt-in process for your StadiumADS registration. In the next step you will receive an email with the subject: “👋 Hi, please confirm your StadiumADS account”. After clicking on the confirmation link in this email, you are successfully registered and you will be taken directly to the “Choose Your Plan” screen.

Your Plan and Payment

Choose Your Plan

Here you can choose between the following plans: Starter, Pro and Agency. The options that each of the three plans offers are described clearly and concisely. You can select your desired plan by clicking on “Choose Plan” below your desired subscription.


After selecting your plan, you will be redirected to our payment page. We have chosen to work with the globally recognized platform Stripe to make the payment process as easy as possible for you. After successful payment and clicking on “Subscribe”, you will be redirected to your StadiumADS dashboard. Immediately after that you will receive an email with the subject: “Your StadiumADS Invoice is available”. In this email you will find a link to your invoice.


On your StadiumADS dashboard you have the possibility to create your clubs, your stadiums and your (potential) sponsors. Additionally you can edit your settings (account, notifications, payment info, organisation), contact us or unsubscribe from StadiumADS.

Your Clubs

With a click on “Add” you can create your club. The whole process is done in two simple steps. In the first step a pop-up appears. You will be asked to enter your club’s name, country and competition (you can choose between professional league and amateur league). With a click on “Select club logo” you can upload the logo of your club. Then click on “Next”. In the second step you can define the colors of your club. To define the (up to three) colors, you can either enter the hex code of the respective color, or select the colors using the color picker. After that click on “Save”. Your club is now live in StadiumADS.

Your Stadiums

After you have created your club, you can now create your stadiums. By clicking on “Add” you can create a stadium. A pop-up will appear. Here you can define the stadium name, upload a photo of your stadium and select the desired stadium type (tiny, small, medium or large). With a click on “Save” you have successfully created your stadium. You will then immediately enter the “Live View” and can view your stadium in all its digital glory for the first time.

Your Sponsors

By clicking on “Add” you can create a new sponsor. Here you can first select your club for which you want to create the sponsor in a dropdown menu. Then enter the name of the sponsor. The third and last step is to define the sponsoring status. You can choose between “Done Deal”, “In Negotiation”, “First Contact” and “No Deal”. This gives you a good overview of your current and potential sponsors at any time. The sponsorship status can of course be adjusted to the current status at any time. Click on “Next”. Now you can specify the logo name and upload the desired logo. Click on “Save” to create the sponsor and logo.

By clicking on an already created sponsor you can add further logos or videos (e.g. for the stadium screens or LED board) to this sponsor. You do this again by clicking on “Add”. Now you can enter the logo/video name and upload the logo/video. With a click on “Save” the new logo/video is created in StadiumADS.


Account Settings

In the Settings you have the possibility to change your personal data (first name, last name, email, phone number, position in the company and password). By uploading your profile photo you give your StadiumADS account a personal touch. Deleting your account is also possible on this page.

Notification Settings

Information is important to us. That’s why we want to inform you as soon as something new happens in your StadiumADS account. You can choose which news you want to be informed about. You can activate up to three categories:

  • Send me an eMail when a sponsor opens my link for the first time.
  • Send me an eMail when a team member creates a new link.
  • Send me an eMail, if new features are published.


Here you can see which plan you are currently subscribed to. By clicking on “Manage subscription” you will be redirected to our payment platform Stripe.


Here you can change the name of the organisation and add team members to your account so that your team can also enjoy working with StadiumADS. By clicking on “Invite team members” a popup appears. Enter the first name, last name and email of the team member you want to invite to your StadiumADS account. You can also assign different roles or access permissions to your team member. We distinguish between

  • User: Full access to all operational features.
  • Admin: Full access to all operational and organisational features.
  • Owner: Full access to all features, including subscription management.

By clicking on “Invite”, your team member will receive an email with the subject: “🚀 You have been invited to StadiumADS”.

Learn more about user and permission management in this blog post.

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