Who we are not a good fit for

Honesty lasts the longest. It is therefore important for us to point out for which sports clubs StadiumADS may not be the best solution.

If your sports club doesn’t fit in any of the following categories, our digital stadium marketing tool should be a good choice for your club. StadiumADS is available in three subscriptions models.

Image - StadiumADS - Digital Stadium Marketing Tool - Who we are not a good fit for - Is StadiumADS worth it - Allianz Arena in Munich before a Champions League match

Clubs that are marketed out

With StadiumADS marketing and sales teams of sports clubs save a lot of time compared to time-consuming photo montages. In addition, non-marketed ad materials can be sent to numerous potential sponsors as an authentic 3D stadium animation within a few minutes to offer the sponsor a realistic visibility of their own company. StadiumADS therefore provides valuable services, especially when a club offers new advertising space or an existing sponsor needs to be replaced by a new one.

This makes little sense for clubs whose advertising space in the stadium or on the jersey has been marketed out for years.

Image - StadiumADS - Digital Stadium Marketing Tool - Who we are not a good fit for - Is StadiumADS worth it - Former Chelsea FC Owner Roman Abramovich

Clubs that are not dependent on sponsors

We all know that times are changing rapidly in football. Both in sporting and economic terms. For example, if your club is run by a patron and you are therefore not dependent on sponsors, then StadiumADS is probably not a tool that will play a major role in your day-to-day work.

Image - StadiumADS - Digital Stadium Marketing Tool - Who we are not a good fit for - Is StadiumADS worth it - Groundsman

Amateur clubs whose budget really is at the limit

We are convinced that StadiumADS will take your stadium marketing to the next level and thus optimize your sponsorship revenues.

However, we are also aware that there are completely different problems, especially for very small clubs. If, for example, the groundsman invests many hours on a voluntary basis to get the pitch in perfect condition, but receives no salary for his hard work, then we say quite honestly: please pay the groundsman first before you choose a StadiumADS subscription.

Image - StadiumADS - Digital Stadium Marketing Tool - Who we are not a good fit for - Is StadiumADS worth it - Empty Stand

Amateur clubs that are having troubles organizing the matchday at all

Apart from financial bottlenecks, personnel can also be a crucial resource. Some amateur clubs struggle to organize enough people to ensure an orderly game.

The weekend match, with the whole community supporting your team, will always be the most important element in sports. If this is the case at your club, please focus on the people who make your club so special through their tireless efforts. Should your club ever overcome this hurdle, we would be delighted if you choose StadiumADS for better stadium marketing.


Correct, your first team always plays its home games in the same stadium. But what about your second team, your women’s team, and your youth teams? Many clubs have different venues for their different teams. With StadiumADS, you can market the advertising spaces of each individual venue, all the way to your training center.

The prices are shown on a monthly basis so that you can see at first glance how little monthly investment is needed to take your marketing to an even more professional level. We see StadiumADS as a year-round companion in the marketing of your stadium and jerseys and not just for marketing-intensive phases of a season.

You do not need any graphic skills to use StadiumADS. StadiumADS is a self-explanatory digital platform that supports you in the professional marketing of your stadium and jerseys.

Regardless of whether your club plays in a professional or lower league – with StadiumADS you can professionalise the marketing of your stadium and jerseys, and surprise potential partners.

You can choose from 4 different stadium types, which differ in size (Tiny Stadium, Small Stadium, Medium Stadium, Large Stadium). In addition, we offer the 4 stadium types with different settings (e.g. Small Stadium, with or without LED board).

StadiumADS offers you a choice of 4 different stadium types (Tiny Stadium, Small Stadium, Medium Stadium, Large Stadium). In addition, we will be happy to exactly build your stadium, which will then be available only to you and your team. There are additional costs for the detailed development of your stadium. You will receive an offer on request to support@stadiumads.io.

Yes, we have created a platform that you can access at any time, regardless of location, using your username and password.

You create the stadiums and jerseys of your club and place the desired sponsor logos. StadiumADS does the rest for you and creates an individual video including an authentic stadium experience. You can share the video with your potential partner via link, email, WhatsApp or LinkedIn.

Yes, with StadiumADS you can choose from different camera angles and camera movements so that the focus is always on the advertising space that you currently want to market.

At the start of StadiumADS, the LED advertising board can be used for videos as well as images. In a future release, you will also be able to place individual texts on the LED advertising board, choose from a set of icons or create different animations (e.g. rotation or movement of the band from left to right).

With the color picker you can individually design the color of the background area for each placement. You need the color picker especially for logos with a transparent background.

In general, StadiumADS scales the logos in the background so that they are displayed in the best possible way on the individual advertising spaces. For some advertising spaces, however, it is worth uploading the logos in a predefined aspect ratio to get the best result. We have compiled an overview for you here:

  • 2nd Advertising Board: 10:3
  • LED Advertising Board – Main Stand Side: 75:1
  • LED Advertising Board – Right Goal Side: 50:1
  • LED Advertising Board – Left Goal Side: 50:1
  • Softboard: 20:1
  • Stadium Screen: 16:9
  • 3D Cam Carpet: 100:38
  • Center Circle Banner: 1:1 (round)
  • Top Banner: 100:38
  • Vomitory: 100:23
  • Ball Stele: 1:5
  • Players Tunnel Front: 100:23
  • Players Tunnel Top: 1:1
  • Skybox: 100:45

The first color is the main color of your club. But most clubs are known for two colors – so you can also enter the second color on StadiumADS as well. Some clubs have a third important color. If this is not the case for you, you can enter your away color as the third color.

Currently, this feature is not available. However, StadiumADS is constantly updating and adding new features. In your StadiumADS account go to “Settings”, then click on “Notifications” and feel free to give us the permission to keep you updated via email. This way you are guaranteed not to miss anything and can use StadiumADS to its full potential.

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