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Sports Business News - Daily Sports Business News was launched in May 2020 and has grown in this short time to become Austria’s largest sports B2B online portal: With, you get a comprehensive overview of all activities and trends in the entire sports industry around topics such as marketing, media, infrastructure, legal, digital, integrity, eSports, tourism and tech. In addition, there are in-depth interviews with leading personalities from sports & business as well as exclusively researched articles – readers are often informed earlier, before it becomes official.

The top news are published to thousands of readers in real time via LinkedIn, Facebook, X, Instagram as well as a push channel. The newsletter is the centerpiece: From Monday to Friday, the compact sportsbusiness overview is sent daily by e-mail in the morning. Over 15,000 visitors with 55,000 page impressions per month use the services of Tendency strongly rising.

KaffeehausTALK - Sports Business Podcast for Austria, Germany and Switzerland

KaffeehausTALK is an informative mix of sports and business podcast. “In the individual episodes, different career paths in the sports business are highlighted, knowledge is imparted and, above all, underscored by personal, entertaining stories,” say the two KaffeehausTALK founders Simon-Peter Charamza and Lorenz Kirchschlager. Interlocutors are different personalities from the national and international sports business. The content-related topics do not have anything to do directly with the name KaffeehausTALK, but as Viennese, Kirchschlager and Charamza appreciate that the Viennese coffeehouse culture invites people to chat, talk shop and enjoy – an atmosphere that they also create in their podcast. In more than 25 years of working for associations, agencies and leading media in Austria, the two have had the opportunity to get to know a large number of experts and interesting personalities, whom they now invite to the coffee house to share their stories and experiences with listeners.

You can listen to KaffeehausTALK on all popular podcast platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and also on


MARKETU - Sports Marketing, Communications and Digital Products

MARKETU is a young Viennese sports marketing agency which, despite its young history, is already trusted by a large number of well-known clients from the sports and business sectors. The focus of the agile team is on the topics of marketing for athletes, communication for companies active or invested in sports, and the development of digital products for sports clubs.

Ahoi Kapptn! - Agency for App Development, Web Experiences, Web3, NFT and more

Ahoi Kapptn! gets on the right boat together with its customers. Our customers’ requirements determine how we start the journey. Start small and set off for new shores in a rowing boat, set sail and discover new things or go full speed ahead in a speedboat – you are the Captain!

Whether it’s app development or web experiences with the wow factor, we can maneuver any project. Ahoy Kapptn! is your app agency from the port of Linz.

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