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Explore our pre-built jersey styles, football clubs can use on StadiumADS to improve their jersey marketing.

StadiumADS users can choose from 10 shirt, 3 shorts and 2 sock styles, from which they can create 60 different kit combinations. Up to 23 advertising spaces can be marketed on each kit. StadiumADS can also create customized jerseys for clubs and associations on request.

Shirt Styles

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Shorts Styles

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FAQ - Stadiums


You can choose from 4 different stadium types, which differ in size (Tiny Stadium, Small Stadium, Medium Stadium, Large Stadium). In addition, we offer the 4 stadium types with different settings (e.g. Small Stadium, with or without LED board).

You do not need any graphic skills to use StadiumADS. StadiumADS is a self-explanatory digital platform that supports you in the professional marketing of your stadium and jerseys.

Regardless of whether your club plays in a professional or lower league – with StadiumADS you can professionalise the marketing of your stadium and jerseys, and surprise potential partners.

StadiumADS offers you a choice of 4 different stadium types (Tiny Stadium, Small Stadium, Medium Stadium, Large Stadium). In addition, we will be happy to exactly build your stadium, which will then be available only to you and your team. There are additional costs for the detailed development of your stadium. Feel free to request a 3D model of your real stadium now.

Yes, we have created a platform that you can access at any time, regardless of location, using your username and password.

Currently, this feature is not available. However, StadiumADS is constantly updating and adding new features. In your StadiumADS account go to “Settings”, then click on “Notifications” and feel free to give us the permission to keep you updated via email. This way you are guaranteed not to miss anything and can use StadiumADS to its full potential.

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