How many different sports stadiums can I choose from on StadiumADS?


StadiumADS is the world’s first digital stadium marketing tool that allows you to market your stadium and jerseys within minutes to make an impression on potential sponsors. A total of five different soccer arenas are available for you to choose the one that suits you best. In this post you’ll get a detailed overview to decide if StadiumADS is the ideal solution for you and your team for better marketing.

5 stadiums to fulfill all your needs

For the launch of StadiumADS in November 2023, soccer clubs can choose between five stadium types.

  • Tiny Stadium with LED advertising board, stadium screen and 3D cam carpets, among others
  • Tiny Stadium with LED advertising board and stadium screen, among others
  • Tiny Stadium with LED advertising board and others
  • Tiny Stadium
  • Small Stadium


StadiumADS offers stadiums for every club. The digital stadium marketing tool can therefore not only be used by marketing and sales teams of professional football clubs, but is also an ideal solution for amateur clubs that want to market advertising space on their village green.

Tiny Stadium

The smallest soccer stadium available to you as a StadiumADS user is a classic grassroots football pitch. Ideal for amateur clubs. A small but nice grandstand along the long side, on the other sides of the field trees and meadows provide a classic grassroots football atmosphere. In total, you can market up to 88 different ads at Tiny Stadium.

With Tiny Stadium you can also choose from several mutations to make the stadium even more real for your club. You don’t have an LED perimeter in your stadium? No problem, just hide them. You can do the same with the Stadium Screen and the 3D Cam Carpets. This guarantees that you only market those advertising spaces that you can really offer to potential sponsors.

Small Stadium

The ideal choice for small professional clubs. The Small Stadium is closed on all sides and corners and offers space for 10,000 to 20,000 fans. You can also market up to 125 different advertising spaces.

Can I use my real stadium on StadiumADS?

We will gladly rebuild your stadium for StadiumADS. This will then be exclusively available to you and your club on StadiumADS. For the creation of a detailed 3D model of your stadium there are additional costs. You will receive an offer on request at

New stadium features 2024

Of course, StadiumADS will be developed successively, so you can expect new features on a regular basis. Here is a preview of the next Stadium updates:

  • Medium Stadium: The next stage of expansion. The Medium Stadium (~35,000 fans) is larger than the Small Stadium and offers even more advertising space. In addition, two box levels are available. The stadiums of the soccer clubs Mainz 05, FC Basel, SK Rapid and TSV 1899 Hoffenheim served as models.
  • Large Stadium: The largest stadium you can market with StadiumADS. Around 60,000 spectators create an impressive atmosphere in the state-of-the-art arena, which is reminiscent of Atletico Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano.
  • Away fans: In all stadiums, you can dress guest fans in the away block in the color of your biggest rival.

Your ideas for more or even more detailed sports arenas on StadiumADS

If you have any wishes, suggestions or ideas on how we can further develop the stadiums on StadiumADS, feel free to send us your suggestions via the contact form below.

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